Energía Solar Náutica 3


Nautical and naval electricity in Cartagena, Alicante and Denia

Installation and electrical maintenance of boats

Energy for a silent saliing

Yate energía a bordo

Nautical inverter – Chargers

Power available at any voltage for your electrical equipment.

Safe and efficient power supply for a comfortable and safe life on board.

Velero navegación silenciosa

GEL, AGM and marine LITHIUM Batteries

Energy storage for any length. Replacement and conversion of AGM or GEL lead-acid battery banks to marine lithium. More available energy to enjoy a comfortable and silent sailing.

Monitorización de baterías

Energetic regulation and control

All energy control in your command bridge. Integration of the electrical system with your Raymarine plotter, etc..

Nautical solar energy

Generation of clean and silent energy in sailing. Energy available for sailing and motor boats without the need of diesel generators. Installation of solar energy for boats and sails

” His ship and he were one, and he was the soul “

Personalized solutions

It doesn’t matter what boat you have, all trips are important. Our professionals adapt to your needs, prioritizing your convenience and comfort before anything else, and adapting it to the characteristics of each installation.

Last generation equipments

We have a wide range of equipments to satisfy any type of demand. Last generation systems with infinite possibilities to adapt to all your needs. Lithium batteries, inverters and motorization Everythig you might need on board.

Training and professionalism

Knowledge is the first step of execution. Our technicians are in constant training, adapting to new technologies to give the best possible answers to each situation. We have a very good and responsible team with a lot of experience.


We are authorized installers and official technical service for Victron Energy and Mastervolt, two european brands with great international recognition in the nautical energy and on-board electricity sector. We trust the entire range of Victron and Mastervolt products for the quality of their equipment, the efficiency of their after-sales service and the simplicity of handling. For all these reasons and many more, we place Victron and Mastervolt at first position for our customers.