Installation of solar panels on the roof facing east west

Installation of solar panels on the roof facing east west at Canteras

The installations of the most common solar panels are done on the inclined roof, with orientations that can go from the south to the east west. This type of the roof is mostly used at single family homes, but it doesn’t mean that it`s possible to install photovoltaic panels on any other kind of surface. Each construction has its own particular properties and it`s important to do a previous study to determine its viability. Not all of the roof tiles can be drilled and not all of the structures can support the same weight. You have to make sure that the cover and the substructure that supports it, are designed to hold some additional weight of the solar panels. A badly planned installation could end up generating leaks or, even worse, it could lead to the collapsing of the roof.

Once it is being concluded the viability of the roof; you can proceed to determine how to place the panels. It`s a very important step because depending on the orientation of the cover and its inclination, there will be more or less production. The perfect orientation for the installation is on the south. The panels that are south orientated will receive more irradiance and their production will be bigger. But if your roof is not south orientated, don’t worry, because it will still be productive. A deviation of up to 45º to the south can only provoke a decrease of 1-3% in production, so you will continue saving hundreds of euros per year.

In this installation:

Inversor Fronius Primo 4.0
Jinko Solar Tiger 460Wp panels
Fronius Smart Meter
Peak power 4600WP
Annual average production: 7800kWh

The installations, like we made for our client from Canteras, with east west orientations have some specific characteristics. For example, they can be better adapted to the consumption habits of our client. With south orientation, the major amount of energy production is at noon, when sun is at its highest . Even though the east orientations have its “peak power” at the morning and the east west orientated have it at the evening. If you are working during the whole day, you don’t have a lunch at home, that means that you are mostly consuming at the evening, In that case the west orientation will adjust more to your lifestyle so you can save more.

Our client will have secured a constant energy source due to 5 panels on each side of the roof and a Fronius Primo 4.0 inverter managing the generation of the energy. Moreover, thanks to the Fronius Smart Meter that we installed him, he can control the production of the panels, the energy flow and the consuming graphic at all tome. With Fronius solar app he can have, no matter where he is, the complete and detailed vision of his photovoltaic installation

Pictures of the solar panels’ installations with west orientation:

Start saving right know with west orientated solar panel`s installation

As we have mentioned before, an installation on the roof with west orientation offers some benefits over the ones with south orientation If your consumption peak, because of you work schedule, is at the morning or at night, an installation with this orientation is the most profitable option for you. Some west orientated panels can produce 45% more than the south oriented during the evening.

In addition to the direct saving that comes from not consuming from the network, your marketer will compensate you at the end of the month with the excess of the energy, so you can have an additional saving.

Also, we want to let you know that some town halls have discounts on real estate tax and building work tax for the solar panels’ installation, that`s why we recommend you to contact your local administration to know more about all the discounts and bonifications that can be applied .

Do you have a west orientated roof and you want to install solar panels on it?

If your roof is west orientated and you have in mind an installation like we have just talked about, don’t doubt in calling us right now!

If you are sure that you want to install solar panels, ask us for a budget., without any commitment. We are professional installers with a lo lot of years of experience and official service like Fronius andVictron.

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