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Technicians – installers – electricians – commercial

At ICIDE we are looking for dynamic people who are passionate about the world of renewable energies and who have a high capacity for teamwork.

If you are passionate about solar energy and are willing to work under a successful model, contact us.


Técnico montador de paneles solares


Solar panel installer

TECHNICIAN – Solar panel installer

We are looking for a solar panel installer

Functions and tasks of the job:
Installation together with a 1st officer of solar panels and other photovoltaic equipment such as inverters, regulators and batteries, based on plans and technical specifications, applying the regulations and in accordance with the established safety and quality conditions.

The tasks of assembling the mechanical supports and the placement of the photovoltaic panels, as well as the necessary wiring for the connection of all the installed equipment, will be carried out at the workstation.

We are looking for people with good skills, previous experience in assembly tasks in the industrial field and knowledge of electricity but, above all, people with the motivation to learn and initiative and the ability to adapt.

The main functions to develop are:
– Installation in homes and companies, of aluminum structures for holding photovoltaic solar panels.
– Assembly, verification, maintenance and repair of possible failures in the photovoltaic energy collection systems together with a first class officer.

Is required:
– Intermediate degree in industrial electricity, electronics or equivalent.
– Enrolled or possibility of enrolling in Youth Guarantee
– Driving license B

It is valued:
One year of experience in electromechanical assembly or similar
– Skill with electric tools (drill, grinder, etc.)
– Knowledge of computing and office automation at the user level
– Knowledge of English or other languages
– PRL qualification 60 hours or 20 hours specific to electricity
– PRL course at height of 8 hours

– Salary according to agreement.
– Full-time from Monday to Friday.
– Indefinite contract in case of exceeding the trial period.
– Possibility of growth and advancement within the company.