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Aluminum structure kit for 3 horizontal panels 30º. On metal sheet cover Sunfer 11H2

192,92 iva inc.

  • Made by aluminum EN AW 6005A T6
  • Inclination of 15º or 30º
  • Module layout: Horizontal
  • For metal sheet covers
  • anchorage to straps
  • Dimensions: 195,0 x 20,0 x 12,0 cm
  • Weight: 15,7kg


Aluminum structure kit for 3 horizontal panels, 30º, on sheet metal roof. Sunfer 11H2

The aluminum structure kit for 2 horizontal panels at 15º or 30º on a sheet metal roof by Sunfer 11V2_30 is made of high-strength EN AW 6005A T6 aluminium, specifically designed to be placed on flat sheet metal roofs or other types of metal substructures. . This structure has to be anchouraged to straps above which is located the cover.

It is a pre-assembled support with a standard inclination that can be adjusted to 15º or 30º to place the panels in a vertical position. It admits modules with a maximum size of 2279 x 1150 mm and a thickness between 30 and 45 mm, it is covered by a wide range of models and manufacturers, such as the JA Solar panels that you can find on our website.

This Sunfer´ -s designs to put up with anout more than 150 k , that in Beaufort scale a is same as a hurricane, capable to fly the buildings. This warranties that it can be installed on the major amount of covers without a danger of suffering any injures for being exposed to a wind.

To warranty the resistance to the maximum speed of design there have to be used the correct anchors and the indicated ballast by each brand

It includes stainless steel screws A2-70 for its mounting It doesn’t include the screws to anchorage it to the surface.

Data sheet of the aluminum structure kit for 2 horizontal panels fro 15º to 30º on the metal roof. Sunfer 11V2_30

See the data sheet of the Alumnus structure kit for 2 horizontal panels from 15 to 30. On metal sheet cover Sunfer 11V2_30

Additional information

Weight 15,7 kg
Dimensions 195 × 20 × 12 cm