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BMS MG Master LV 72-96V 500A (M12) – MGMLV962500

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  • Compact design
  • Internal events logging
  • Monitoring of all battery parameters: cell voltage, temperature, balance, etc.
  • Following the state of the battery charge
  • Plug and Play: Automatic configuration
  • Integrated fuse holders
  • Security contactors for continuous current: To 500 A
  • Conectividad: RJ45 + M12



BMS MG Master LV 72-96V 500A (M12)

Master LV Series

Protecting, monitoring and controlling a battery system is very important to create a safe, reliable and easy-to-use system. El BMS MG Master LV 72-96V 500A (M12) is the safety and control unit of the battery system in a range from 72V to 96V .It protects the connected battery modules against over-charging, over-discharging, over-temperature, under-temperature and controls the balancing of the battery cells.

Besides a safety function, the Master LV monitors and tracks other important parameters to give insight in the battery status and energy consumption. The compact design makes it ideal for use in applications with limited space. Integrated DC distributor, fuse holders and safety contactors make installation easy and require less wiring and external equipment.


  • Compact design
  • Internal events logging
  • Monitoring of all battery parameters: cell voltage, temperature, balance, etc.
  • Following the state of the battery charge
  • Plug and Play: Automatic configuration
  • Fuse holder
  • Safety contactors on the positive poles
  • Integrated precharge circuit
  • Comunication by CAN-Bus
  • Conectivity: RJ45 + M12
  • Paralel connection: to 48 batteries
  • Serie connection: to 2 systems

Integrated altering current distributor

One of the unique features of BMS from MG Energy Systems, is that it facilitates a lot the installation process, it is its integrated distribution system of the alternating current with fuse holders. It is possible to configure flexible systems adapted to the needs of each case, whether they are small storage systems or large battery banks, since the BMS allows the connection of up to 96 battery modules.


The connections to communicate the batteries and the MG Master LV unit can be established with the cheaper RJ45 cables, or with the more robust and safer M12 cables. There can be used two storage of batteries of low tension untill 96V. In high voltage ranges, from 96V, only M12 cables can be used.

The M12 connectors integrate a security lock to control the connections. This safety lock can be used to connect the internal hardwired safety contactor via an external emergency button.

Diagnostic and control

Battery system diagnostics are important during commissioning, system testing, service, maintenance and trouble shooting. The diagnostic tools provide all the detailed information about the battery system. Main values, like voltage, current and State-Of-Charge, can be viewed and logged to a file. Moreover, detailed battery information can be shown, such as cell voltages, all temperature sensor, firmware version etc. Besides this information also history values and stored events can be read from the Master.

To create more flexibility, settings can be configured, for example CAN-Bus protocol selection or adding a function to a dedicated output.

Supervision and control

Critical parameters are monitored by the Master LV such as cell voltages and temperatures of each connected battery module. A set of limits is determined providing boundaries. First a control boundary which controls chargers or loads. Second a warning limit and third a critical fail which opens the safety contactors interrupting the power path from the batteries to loads and chargers. Last but not least, if the problem is still not solved, the critical system opens the contactors to interrupt the energy source between batteries and chargers. A well integrated system never opens its safety contactors during normal operation.

The MG system philosophy is to have a Master BMS (MG Master HV) that communicates with the BMS built into each MG battery. The slave BMS of these batteries are capable of monitoring parameters such as the voltage, temperature or balance of each cell.

All these parameters are sent to MG Master LV through an isolated CAN-Bus that gather all the data and supervise the measurements according to th established limits. When a parameter exceeds that limit, the user will be notified through the AUX. CAN-Bus. If this situation is still going and the parameters don’t return to their normal state, the MG Master LV has the possibility to disconnect the batteries from the system opening their main contactors.

Data sheet of the BMS MG Master LV 72-96V 500A (M12)

See data sheet of the BMS MG Master LV 72-96V 500A (M12)

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 15 cm