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BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS 5.1kWh – High voltage battery

  • Usable energy: 5.12kWh.
  • Module number : 2.
  • Nominal voltage : 204V.
  • Operative voltage range : 160 a 240V.
  • Maximum output current :25A.
  • Peak output current : 50A during 5 seconds


High voltage lithium battery BYD Box HVS 200-500V

BYD has presented us its new generation of lithium high tension batteries batteries for energy storage in photovoltaic installations. BYD is one of the leader brands in battery manufacturing and solutions for electric mobility. The new Battery-BOX will be available in 48V and in high voltage models. Their modular design allows to amplify in very flexible way and be used in isolated installations. in back up mode adn self consumption grid connected.

Available models: BYD Battery-Box HVS 5.1kWh | BYD Battery-Box HVS 7.7kWh | BYD Battery-Box HVS 10.2kWh | BYD Battery-Box HVS 12.8kWh

– List of compatible invertes uodated on 21-04-2022

Data sheet of BYD B-BOX HVS Premium

Features of BYD B-Box HVS Premium high voltage lithium batteries

High voltage byd b-box premium hvs batteries

BYD Battery Box HVS 200-500V

-Modular design for easy and flexible installations

-Module capacity: from 5,1kWh to 12,8kWh.

– There can be connected around 3 complete units in parallel to reach the capacity of 38,4kWh.

– Compatibility with the most of single phased and three phased inverters: Ingeteam, Fornius, Kostal…

– Lithium battery (LFP). Major security, service life and efficiency.

– Works with grid connected installation and isolated photovoltaic installations.

-The modules can be expanded without a necesity of an extra cable or any connections.

– Maximum flexibility Perfect for systems that want to amplify their capacity in the future

ByD HVS HVM battery connections

That is the difference between the new BYD Premium HVS and the old one?

Comparative byd premium hvs and byd hv

Compatibility of the next generation high voltage batteries BYD B-BOX PREMIUM HVS.

Even though the new BYD generation promises to be compatible with the majority of the inverters on this market, we recommend you to contact our technician service before buying or doing any installation. The actual BYD HV is compatible with single phased and three phased inverters by Ingeteam, Fronius or Kostal, as well as other options.

Technical especifications BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS from 5,1kWh to 12,8kWh

Data sheet of the byd b-box hvs

Buy BYD B-BOX Premium HVS high voltage battery

In ICIDE Solar Energy you can buy the new generation of BYD B-Box Premium lithium batteries in high voltage and 48V We offer lithium batteries for self consumption or isolated form all the powers for a good price and with the best quality and manufacture warranty For more information about these batteries, ask usand we will be happy to help you without any commitment in your photovoltaic project


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