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Fronius Smart Meter TS 50kA-3

Fronius mediator – Three phased meter of indirect 50kA to measure consumption with Fronius Symo inverters.

Exclusive sale with inverter

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Fronius Smart Meter TS 50kA-3

Fronius Smart Meter TS 50kA is a bidirectional counter that optimize self consumption, controls different energy sources and register the consumption curve. Thanks to the high precision mediation and quick communication through Modbus RTU interface, the power limit, when there are configured limits it is quicker and more precise than with S0 controller.
With the Fronius Solar.web, offers a detailed vision of energy consumption Together with the Froniusstorage solutions , this device warranty a perfect union of different energy sources, optimizing all the energy,


Nominal tension 400V-480V (L-L) / 230V-277V (P-N)
Maximum current 6
Section of the energy source cable 4mm²
Communication and neutral cable section. 0,05mm²
Energy consumption 1 W
Inicial intensity 10 mA
Protection class Klasse 1
Short term overwhelming. 30A@500ms
Temperature range of the installation -25 bis +65°C
Dimension (width) 53,8 mm
Dimension (high) 91,5 mm
Dimension ( depth) 63 mm
Weight 0,24 kg

Have a look here on all specifications: SE_DS_Fronius_Smart_Meter_ES SE_DS_Fronius_Smart_Meter_TS_ES


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