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Fronius Tauro ECO 100-3-D inverter

6.884,62 iva inc.

  • Voltage 50 kW
  • AC 50 000 W
  • DC 75 000 W
  • Efficiency97,5%
  • Three phased
  • MPPT 1
  • Protection case IP65


Fronius Tauro ECO 100-3-D inverter

Developed for non protected areas

Fronius Tauro ECO 100-3-D like all the Fronius Taurus inverters is designed for the outside at non protected conditions. It features a double-layer casing and comes with a state-of-the-art active cooling system, which ensures continuous performance even when the inverter is subjected to high temperatures from direct sunlight.

The double case in the complex with refrigeration garantize a long service life.

Saving costs BOS

Tauro ECO inverters count with some AC connections that reduce the cables and the quantity of the AC boxes. This gives us as a result a reduction of the Bos (Balance of System) costs and of the installations on the roof and floor.

The ECO versions differ from the standard ones in that they have a single MPP input, which simplifies the electronics of the inverter and lowers its cost.

Maximum efficiency

The combination of state-of-the-art active cooling with the double-layer casing not only guarantees high performance, but also ensures the protection of the internal components against high temperatures, prolonging the useful life of the equipment.

Flexibility of the system and installation

Tauro range inverters by their extern and intern architecture offer a possibility of adding different components without a necessity of additional cases.

These are very versatile inverters, that offer a lot of possibilities for the mounting in centralized designs and decentralized ones, horizontal and vertical.

Integrated monitoring

Fronius Tauro is being integrated in the hardware company and software for the monitoring of the selling energy. Thanks to the opened interface, there can be added more third components to amplify there functionality.

Quick and easy installation

Thanks to the simplicity that helped to design it.  Fronius Tauro ECO 100-3-D inverter can be installed by just one technician, that suppose a saving of the time and costs.

Data sheet of Fronius Tauro ECO 100-3-D inverter

See data sheet of Fronius Tauro ECO 100-3-D inverter

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 32 × 104 × 65 cm