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Mastervolt EasyCharge 12V 6A battery charger – 43310600

97,57 iva inc.

  • Total charge current : 6 A a 12 V
  • Recommended batery capacity: carga a 120 Ah
  • Nominal output voltage: 120/230 V (90-265 V), 50/60 Hz
  • Charge wet Gel and AGM batteries


Mastervolt EasyCharge 12V 6A battery charger

Battery waterproof chargers

The fixed waterproof units are completely sealed in an epoxy-filled anti-corrosion enclosure and are manufactured to IP68 waterproof standard, which fully complies with international standards such as CE, CSA, CEC, and ABYC. The 12V output is fully isolated and can be connected in series or parallel, for high voltage or current.

These chargers offers a lot of efficiency and are easy to use. They are designed for harsh environments and fully tested against damage from salt, shock and vibration, making them a great addition to any type of boat. Right now there are available models of type 6a in just one bank and 10a in a double bank.

The battery chargers have the capacity to charge a lot of batteries, like the wet ones, the AGM and the Gel ones, with a universal output so they can enjoy a total freedom all over the world.

Features of the Mastervolt EasyCharge 12V 6A

  • Basic model to start in the 3 phases charge characteristic.
  • Appropriate to charge Gel, AGM and wet batteries.
  • Complete power until 40 °C.
  • Speed charge the product life of the battery
  • Includes cable and a european plug, ( also it is available a UK plug)
  • You can charge the battery bank
  • Series configuration and parallel configuration
  • Spot resistant and waterproof
  • International certificate.

Data sheet of the Mastervolt EasyCharge 12V 6A battery charger

See data sheet of the Mastervolt EasyCharge 12V 6A battery charger

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 16 × 6 cm