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Monitor Mastervolt EasyView 5 – 77010310

365,90 iva inc.

  • Waterproof “daylight readable” color display.
  • Intuitive touch control
  • Alarm and notification register
  • Easy mounting : frontal, wall or adapted
  • Alimentation by Masterbus or entrance of 12/24 V.



Customizable system monitor with intuitive control Mastervolt EasyView 5

Monitoring your Mastervolt system is easier than ever with this waterproof system monitor with “daylight readable” interface and intuitive touch screen. The Mastervolt EasyView 5 features a sharp, waterproof display that is clearly readable in daylight. Thanks to the touch screen and multilingual menu , you can manage interface very easily. Favorite pages, easily personalized, show all the important information at one time.


  • Waterproof “daylight readable” color display.
  • Sensor touch screen
  • Favourite personalized pages
  • Alarm and notification register
  • Buzzer and start button.
  • Easy mounting: front, wall or retrofit mode.
  • Alimentation by Masterbus or entrance of 12/24 V.
  • Easy update through Masterbus and USB.


EasyView 5 completes any Masterbus system. With its practical functionality and compact size, the EasyView is ideal for yachts, caravans, motorhomes and static systems. Applicable in different markets such as maritime navigation, mobility (recreational and professional), infrastructure, the high seas, autonomous food and the industrial sector. There are unlimited possibilities.

Some examples of the many possibilities of the Mastervolt EasyView 5

Personalization of you favorite pages .

Customize favorite pages to meet your information and control needs, so they display information in the most convenient way.

Parameters adjustment .

Use the EasyView 5 to set common parameters like ground fuses or to power up the inverter.

Modify system configuration .

On this page you will find any system configurations that are possible.

Alarms and register

Without surprises! The EasyView 5 helps keep your system in top condition by helping you with alerts. The EasyView 5 helps keep your system in top condition by helping you with alerts.

Data sheet of the Monitor Mastervolt EasyView 5

See data sheet of the Mastervolt EasyView 5

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 5 cm