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Phoenix 24/1200 VE Direct Schuko inverter – PIN242120200

  • Nominal power: 1200W
  • Power peak: 2200W
  • Input voltage: 24V


Phoenix 24/1200 VE Direct Schuko inverter – PIN242120200

At icide.es you can buy the Phoenix 24/1200 VE Direct Schuko Inverter, we are an official Fronius service and Victron approved installers.

With this solar inverter you can feed a from a 24V battery to any electronic device that works at 230Vac. It is perfect for you boat because of its small size, and because it has an Ve.Direct output.

Technical features

The Victron VE.Direct communications port allows the photovoltaic inverter to be connected to:

  • One computer (needs an interface cable VE.Direct a USB)
  • Apple and Android, Ipads, mackbooks and other devices (all of them need a VE.Direct a Bluetooth Smart).

Phoenix 24/1200 VE Direct Schuko inverter is totally settable:

  • Alarm levels and reconnection by a low battery tension
  • Disconnection levels and restart by a low tension of the battery
  • Dynamic disconnection: disconnection level depending on the charge
  • output tension 210 – 245V
  • Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • On/off of ECO mode and sensor level of the ECO mode.

Functioning in ECO mode.

The inverter maintains stand.by when the power of its output ( measured in W) goes down lower than the previously set up value. Once we were waiting the inverter started(adjustable; every 2,5 seconds). If the charge is higher a certian level, the inverter wil be un,

High power peak of the additional startup

One of the features of the SinusMax technology is its very high starting power. These inverters are prepared to feed difficult charger, like motors or electric tools with high startup peak.

Remote on/off

In the Phoenix 24/1200 VE Direct Schuko Inverter, you can connect a remote On/Off switch and run the two wires to the inverter to remotely turn the inverter on and off. This is one of the most valued options for our clients with caravan, or a boat.


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