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Victron Shunt 6000A/50mV – SHU602050200

  • Measuring tension: 50 mV


Victron Shunt 6000A/50mV

Victron Shunt 6000A/50mV is a necessary component for the current measurements that has a analogical screen or digital one, because normally these measurements are done with very little tension. When the tension for the measurements is less than in switches, the side effects in the left system circle.

Generally the resistance of the shunt is know by its precision and it is used to determine the intensity of the electric current that goes through the charge by measuring the difference in the voltage through it.

Victron shunt integrates with the current that have to be measured. The small voltage that comes from this resistance it is evaluated with Battery monitor BMV-700 and shows units like the source of the actual current.

To know if you need a shunt for your visual device, have a look at the instructions of the following device.

See data sheet

See the data sheet for the more information HERE