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Victron VE.Direct 3m cable- ASS030530230

Victron VE.Direct 3m cabke

Necessary for communication between different equipments of Victron


Victron VE.Direct 3m cable- ASS030530230

The energetic consumption have to be reduced by taking care with using electricity only when it is needed.
Less consumption will reduce the total cost, moreover, the availability of the energy will increase even if the battery is half chargers because of lack of sun.

The VE.Direct has to be used in combination with the BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 or the MPPT 100/15.
In turn, the MPPT charge controller must have a software version of 1:15 or higher, although previous versions can be updated in this case.

Other measurements of the cable:

With this cable you can connect your Victron products to each other through the VE.Direct ports and monitor all the data, for example, from the MPPT regulators..!