Self-consumption with surpluses in second residence.

Installation of self-consumption with surpluses in second residence Flat Island.

Everyday is more common to see installations with surpluses in second residences. The way to understand these installations is changing, they are not considered unprofitable anymore, as it was a couple years ago. The material`s price cheapening and even higher electricity prices made us to see this project as a pretty good option to save.

A service life of your photovoltaic installation is about 25 years, so once you have amortized it, you still have a lot of time to enjoy its benefits and to save.

Who doesn’t want to have all the mod cons in the country house or beach house? To put an air condition during the whole day seems like a little luxury considering how much it can cost, but with a photovoltaic installation you can generate the energy you need without paying any extra euro. The self-consumption installations with surpluses don’t only produce savings while you are not at your second residence, but also generate benefits. Every end of the month you marketer will compensate you in your invoice a certain amount of money for the energy you are not consuming, so you`ll have some additional savings.

In this installation:

Inverter Fronius Primo 3.0
Panels Hyundai Hie-Vg 400Wp
Fronius Smart Meter
Peak power: 3200Wp
Half annual production : 5300kWh

With 8 Hyundai panels of 400Wp, our client from Flat Island has warranted enough constant fuel of energy to feed her consumption at summer and on weekends.

During may and august, when the production is higher, it can produce up to 500kWh per month. That means that she could have her fridge full with ice-cream or her air conditioner working the whole day to maintain her house cool.

It`s essential to invest in the quality of your second residence. Working with known brands and with a well-done installation can secure you these 25 years of service life. In that case we can install Hyundai solar panels that have a special treatment which makes them more resistant to ammoniac or salt clouds. This additional protection warranties a higher life expectancy for installations near the sea . Hyundai panels also offer better high temperature efficiency than other panels, making them perfect for installations in Levante and the Costa Cálida.

Self-consumption with surpluses in second residence in pictures

Start saving right now with self-consumption installation with surpluses in second residence.

In addition to the energy saving and the surpluses compensation, you still have more ways to save money with your solar installation. Some municipalities offer discounts on the local Property Tax, that can reach up to 50% of the tax during three years You can also deduct up to 10% of the installation in your next Income Tax return.

One of the main disadvantages that we can find at your second residence is the hired power. To save a little bit more on your electricity bill is to reduce to the minimum the power during our absence at the house. This could be a problem because if we arrive and want to turn on a lot of devices at the same time. If we overcome a certain power voltage, the electricity can go out and it can be very uncomfortable With a self-consumption photovoltaic installation, we can avoid all these problems, because whenever we want, we can add more the power that was produced by the panels. This way we can reduce to the maximum the price of our electricity bill without loosing the power we use at home.

Have you liked our new self- consumption installation with surpluses for the second residence?

If you have in mind to switch to self-consumption as our Isla Plana client, but you have doubts about how to do it, contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the whole process.

If you already know that you want to install solar panels, ask us for a quote. Without any commitment! We are expert installers with years of experience and official service from trusted brands such as Fronius and Victron.

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