Company installer of the solar panels


Photovoltaic solar energy

Right now, the benefits of the solar energy are more than known. On the one hand we have the solar thermic energy, which we use to warm up our houses and enjoy the hot water while we are taking a shower. On the other hand, the solar photovoltaic energy where the exploitation of the radiation consists in the direct transformation into the electrical power by the photovoltaic effect.

Inside the Photovoltaic, there are 2 types of the application of the solar energy: far away from the electric network installations and connected to the network installations.

Moreover, the photovoltaic energy can be used to extract directly water from the waterhole through solar pumping, using irrigation system to reduce the consuming of the petrol at electrogene groups to feed directly the radio equipment, communications and video surveillance.


Installation of the solar panels with battery

Thanks to this technology me can provide electricity in places that are isolated rom the network electronic distribution This way, we can supply electricity to the country houses, mountain refuges, pumping water, livestock facilities, beaconing o lightening systems, communication systems, etc.

The installation of the solar panels with battery is composed mainly by solar photovoltaic panels and battery`s storage from the electric energy made by the panels.

Due to the dropping of the prices for photovoltaic panels,it is more profitable to be isolated with batteries rather than be connected to the electric network.

Solar panel

Installation of the solar panels that are connected to the network.

It consists in producing electricity through solar photovoltaic panels and inject it directly to the network that distributes energy (Iberdrola, Endesa,etc) Right now, in countries like Spain, German and Japan, these companies are forced by the law to buy the energy injected to its network because of the installation of the photovoltaic panels..

The price of the energy is also determined by the law, so this way we encourage the production of the solar electricity, also knowing that you can amortize this spending in 4-6 years.

This type of installation ofphotovoltaic panels is connected to Ibedrola-Endesa, it can be small or big installations; from 3 to 10 kWp at our garden or roof to 100 kWp on the surface of an industrial shipor on the floor and even floors of different potential.