Installation of the charging points for electric vehicle.

ICIDE is a company that installs charging points for electric cars and we want to offer you the best solution adapted to every particular case.

You can be a particular, farm administrator, a petrol station or a shopping mall…. We can provide charging points for outside and inside, for individuals or communities.

Distributors of Wallbox Policharger


All of the wallbox Polichargers have system that regulates the automatic power of the charge. This system allows to charge a vehicle always on the maximum power available, without a risk of overcoming the assigned power.

Enjoy the peace of knowing that your car`s charge could never make a supply cut due to excess consumption.





easy to install

rogramming of the start hour and stop hour of the charge.

Robust equipment and designed to last.
With 2 years of warranty.

between each equipment for the global managment of the energy.

Very easy to use, so it allows to select the exact charge just by pressing a button

Smart system
of the automatic power regulation.


Due to this new automatic regulation you will never overcome the assigned power and program the charge to its maximum available power at all time. This allows a very quick and effective charge that no other system could do.

Furthermore, you can install solar energy and charge only with photovoltaic. You decide!