Fronius FSP official technical service in MURCIA, CARTAGENA AND ALICANTE

In ICIDE Solar energy we offer official technical service of Fronius.

Fronius warranties you the best quality and service.

All FRONIUS equipment has a standard guarantee of 5 or 7 years.

5 years with all included (workforce, changing pieces, etc..) or 7 years without counting the workforce. As an option you can amplify your warranty for more than 25 years.

ICIDE Solar energy can realize repairs of the interior electronic in the warranty time line and out of it. We have in mind Fronius certificate to do all the types of operations with maximum quality and warranty.

Repairs of inverters

We give a technical support for all the solar photovoltaic energy devices in the whole region of Murcia, Alicante y Almeria We make reparations of the solar inverters, update the firmware, and make periodic revise of the important elements

Moreover, for the solar camps that contains this equipment, we offer possibility to renew it according to the normative and with their official certificates.

If you need technical assistance, call by the following number: 968787480