Isolated inverter – hybrid inverter

Installations isolated from the electrical network with Victron equipment and Pylontech batteries

Thanks to this technology we can have electricity in places far from the electricity distribution network. In this way, we can supply electricity to country houses, mountain refuges, water pumps, livestock facilities, lighting or beacon systems, communications systems, etc.

The isolated systems are composed mainly by the caption of the solar energy through photovoltaic panels and storage of the energy produces of the panels in the batteries. Also, a lot of the isolated systems has an electrogene group to feed the system in case of an emergency.

Battery installation for the company

If you want to start enjoying all the benefits that has photovoltaic, contact us and we will tell you how we can do the installation.

Nowadays people are used to some expensive systems that don’t amortize, but have you ever thought about how much money you spend every year on electricity? Do you know that the estimated cost of an installation that is isolated with batteries in one small house is 8000 euros? Do you know that batteries can last you moreless 15 years? On the other hand, the cost of the batteries supposes 30% of the final price of the installation, so its change in 15 years (without counting possible electricity price increase) put this option in a very good place.

In addition to the financing that we can offer for up to 10 years, you can deduct 10% of the total cost of the installation in the income statement. Call us and we will inform you.