Nowadays it is possible and profitable to install solar panels in a building and enjoy the benefits of the shared self-consumption in an owner`s community. Even though the space in the cover is limited, there are different options to provide energy to the common areas. If there is space left, we can also provide energy to the neighbors that want join us.

This type of installation is 00 % legal, and it is also profitable, so you can amortize it in few years

shared self-consumption

Depending on the consume of the neighbors, the orientation of the cover and the leftovers that were produces by the wind and fireplaces, this place can be used by different ways. The orientation of the panels not only depends on the place where it`s the south, but also of the consumer`s habits and building`s cover.

self-consumption in community of neighbors

How much ir cost?

To know the real cost of this installation, we have to do a personalized study of this situation. You can contact us or ask for a quote . As a reference, one installation of 10 panels and 300W can be amortized in 4-5 years, depending on the consume of the community, with the actual prices, as it is a very interesting option to reduce the energetic consume and emissions to the atmosphere.

Initially it is planned an installation for the common consume and if there if any space left in the cover, it could be amplified to compensate the individual spending of any neighbors

If you are administrator , contact us and we will prepare you a personalized quote. WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT.

shared self-consumption project