solar pumping systems

Systems of irrigation.


We are specialized in systems of solar irrigation or solar pumping. Thanks to the photovoltaic solar energy we can supply electricity directly from solar panels to irrigation pumps. Everything is by freelance way without having to pay any backup toll or any fee. Starting from small motors of 0.5cv to bid installations of 300cv and 500 cv.

We can adapt to any installation already existed and modernize it, it could be with or without electricity.

Espa – Flow rate – Grundfos: Only leading brands

The solutions of solar irrigation don’t produce any emissions or noises Solar energy for irrigation is more reliable than wind power and cheaper and cleaner that petrol. Solar pumps are the perfect complements for drip irrigation systems, transporting water by very effective way to any floor. Our pumps are offered in many different sizes and hights so they can be used huge amounts of water in large-scale irrigation programs.

The solution of solar irrigation is a very interesting alternative to pumping that is fed by petrol. Also, it favors sustainable agriculture.

Grants for photovoltaic in irrigation communities in 2020 in Murcia.

The bases to apply for energy efficiency and renewable grants for the irrigation communities in Murcia for this year have just been posted in 2020. All the information you can see at our blog. Grants for irrigation communities Murcia 2020

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