Self- consumption with solar panels for companies

Solar panels for companies- industrial self-consumption

At ICIDE Solar energy we are installers of solar panels, so we are aware that electric energy is a huge spent for a lot of companies.

It is a part of the final price of the product and depending on how we can control this spending, we can be more or less competitive. Can you imagine the possibility to reduce this money almost to its total? The name of this solution is self-consumption for companies.

self-consumption motorization for companies

This graphic includes the motorization of the FRONIUS inverters so we can observe how we consume right away all of the energy that as generated by our installations (grey colour) All this self-produced energy is energy that we stop buying from the supplied company.


In green we have the energy that was produced, but wasn’t consumed. That excess of the energy is directed to the network and in the next electricity bill, they will compensate us 0.05 euros/Kw. This way we can take advantage of this energy and use it during the night time.


Finally, in white we have all the left energies that we have consumed in our installation. This one will be compensated by the green part. This system will be useful to control the energetic consume of our company.


The self -consumption for companies is a reality and almost a necessity, reducing this spending will make us more advanced in front of the competition. A profitable inversion has just 5 years to amortize it without counting any help.

We are working with the main brand of this industry. We are specialized in Fronius inverters and we also provide their official technical service. Huawei is our second brand for the big installations. Both of them have the guarantee to success. Both options are a guarantee of success.


Fronius technical serviceHuawei technical service

Contact our engineering department so we could offer you a personalized solution and start to save from the first day at you self-consumption for companies.